Stila Cosmetics

Stila - Correct & Perfect Palette


Create Complexion Perfection!

Under-eye circles, redness, uneven or dull skin? Not anymore with this all-in-one customisable colour correcting palette. Five velvety smooth cream colour correctors and two tinted setting powders are all you need to help neutralise imperfections and brighten dull skin tones.


  • Peach – neutralises dark under-eye circles on fair/medium skin tones
  • Pink – brightens eye area and masks fatigue
  • Yellow – neutralises hyper-pigmentation and dark spots
  • Green – counteracts redness (i.e. from rosacea, acne, broken capillaries, and sunburn)
  • Orange – counteracts dark under-eye circles on darker skin tones; also neutralises veins 


  • Yellow – sets any correcting cream or can be used all over to even out skin tone
  • Lavender – sets pink correcting cream or can be used all over to brighten sallow/yellow skin

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