Patchology - Current Mood Eye Gel Trio - 6 Pairs


Press the reset button! Feel energized, wind down, or lift your mood with this tea-infused aromatherapy eye gel sampler. Each 10 minute formula gives you the perfect amount of ""me time"" to to soak in all the skin enhancing benefits while turning your frown upside down.

Kit includes 2 of each:

  • Perk Up (Energizing) Skin benefits: Depuffs, brightens and protects Mood benefits: Feel invigorated, focused and motivated.
  • Down Time (Calming) Skin benefits: Soothes, detoxifies, and renews Mood benefits: Feel relaxed, calm, and peaceful.
  • Happy Place (Inspiring) Skin benefits: Hydrates, smooths, and revitalizes Mood benefits: Feel creative, joyful, positive.

How To Use:

Place 1 pair of gels onto clean, dry under-eye area for 5 minutes (or longer if desired). Discard after use and massage remaining serum into skin.

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