Patchology - FlashMasque® Milk Peel


The friendly refinisher!  This plant-based FlashMasque® Milk Peel 5 Minute Sheet is gentle enough for even sensitive skin. Inspired by a top Korean beauty trend, Lactic Acid and moisturizing coconut and soy milk work together to speedily dissolve dead cells for smooth, bright skin without irritation. Get ready to glow, baby, glow.

Product Features:

  • AHA Lactic Acid and fruit enzymes from papaya, pineapple, and grapefruit (dissolve dead cells and brightens) 
  • Coconut and soy - soothes and adds moisture 
  • Green tea - provides antioxidant protection from the environment 


  • Unfold the mask and apply to clean, dry skin
  • Place over your entire face, pressing the material snugly into the facial contours 
  • Leave on for 5 minutes or longer if desired
  • Discard and massage any excess serum into the skin , no need to rinse. 

Ideal for: Sensitive skin, first-time users, and the mask-obsessed.

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